Thank you for stopping by and looking at some of my work.
 I have a bachelors in Network Security and an associates in Web design. I attended Full Sail University and learned some of what I know now. The rest of what I know came from tutorials and just working on projects, I started doing freelance work and thought this would be the perfect time to compile what I have because some of it has been lost with time and new computers. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please use the contact form.
I am 30 year old Female Marine who loves to just bring positivity and a little bit of brashness into everyone's lives. I was an IMRL manager that lat moved to become an f/18 Airframer, VMFA(aw)-224 was my first squadron and MALS-31 my last one before I left the Marine Corps. I play a variety of games, COD, EFT, Apex Legends (being my main) Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Sims 4, New World and pretty much anything I deem entertaining. I am a streamer and graphic designer, I love helping my fellow veterans and active duty with Icons, trailers, and overlays to help someone on their streaming path. I am dreaming of becoming a full time streamer so catch me losing gracefully one day. I have been doing video editing since I was 13. I stopped editing when I joined the Marine Corps, but when i got out I found my passion again. 
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